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27 April 2009

.:: Wake Up

i have half a pillow inside my mouth. Under the smooth pearl sheets i feel several pairs of legs. Some are mine. Roll over. I have mint flavoured hair in my mouth. that feels good. Fall asleep.

I'm breathing hair. I feel like a modern day AquaMan ... evolved , revolved. One smooth kiss on her neck. Oh, So warm it is. Awakened at the touch of my lips with her skin. Good. Morning?

Drag myself out of the love nest to uncover a glorious sun drenched day outside. My hand dances around a red and gold jukebox i like to call BabyGirl. I choose Massage Jazz. Glide back to bed. So warm inside. Our eyes get lost in the horizon. Menage a trois between the park's green, grey and the white & blue of the sky.

I'm still holding her in my harms, hair in my cheek. The world won't get me out of here. Her eyes rollover, her body contorts like a cat waiting to be caressed. Her perfume drawns me again .. and again. I feel dizzy. Madly in love. She wispers "we go .. out ? sun and green ?"

yes . please . i feel cheap, sold and alive .
Jake Simms
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