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Agora eu era o herói
E o meu cavalo só falava inglês
A noiva do cowboy
Era você
Além das outras três
Eu enfrentava os batalhões
Os alemães e seus canhões
Guardava o meu bodoque
E ensaiava um rock
Para as matinês

Agora eu era o rei
Era o bedel e era também juiz
E pela minha lei
A gente era obrigada a ser feliz
E você era a princesa
Que eu fiz coroar
E era tão linda de se admirar
Que andava nua pelo meu país

Não, não fuja não
Finja que agora eu era o seu brinquedo
Eu era o seu pião
O seu bicho preferido
Sim, me dê a mão
A gente agora já não tinha medo
No tempo da maldade
Acho que a gente nem tinha nascido

Agora era fatal
Que o faz-de-conta terminasse assim
Pra lá deste quintal
Era uma noite que não tem mais fim
Pois você sumiu no mundo
Sem me avisar
E agora eu era um louco a perguntar
O que é que a vida vai fazer de mim

A few days ago i went to one of the best Xutos concerts i have ever been to.. and i can assure everybody i've been to a whole bunch of them. Okay it didn't surpassed the one in Lisboa or maybe even the one in Covilhã in 95 but it sure was special. Aveiro was the city this time, lots and lots of students some drinks and a huge desire to party and enjoy mixed up to turn this into a memorable night. They (Xutos) felt it right from the start ... and in the end it was a epic night. If all concerts were like this i wouldn't last longer then 30/35 years .. that's for sure ! I saw them again last weekend in Guarda but the crowd was lil less enthusiast than the Aveiro one. The deiferene was that the guys on stage were a lil bit crazier! The sound was more powerfull this time but overall not half has good the other one. If you can do come to one of their concerts and enjoy !
When i was kid .. perhaps last week or 10 years ago i came up with this strange fact : i had first kissed people i loved or fallen in love with in parking lots. Strange i thought. I still find it hard to believe .. how unnatractive and feeble it was. Meanwhile i decided to study such spaces .. i had an equally crazy girl friend of mine who came with me to all sorts of parking lots in Portugal. We just went there and wandered around. Talked. Sang songs ... play games. Talk to people .. magic is wherever you find it .. and most of the times inside you. That's why it doesn't matter if you're in a parking lot, a pool or on the top of that building just across the street. It's You. It's me .. it's everybody .. everything and all the time. Magic is all around. Soundtrack : Nina Simone "My Baby Just Cares For Me"
Pedro Antology
"And then I realized. There’s only one. Could i say the one and only? Maybe not… lightning struck me down as I had breakfast after the stormiest summer night.
Adrenaline ran mad freely in me as I felt the moment come. I wouldn’t leave the table without a glimpse of her sun warm smile.
The moment I laid eye on her i almost tumbled at her feet in weakness. The knees trembled as if no ground was laid under them and everything else stopped in time and space. Matrix is child’s play when you feel and live such a moment. I’m hovering myself above this far and unknown world. Fading lights brought expressions to life in this still moment. I believe I forgot to breath. Clock starts it’s countdown.
Funny thing is … one hears this ancient wisdom saying “…whenever you drop something into the floor over and over again, it's because someone’s desperately trying to get in touch with you…” , talk to you.
I was the boy trying to give birth to a few meaningless words ... she was the girl dropping half the universe on our dreamed shared floor. I had my soul in her adorable clumsy movements. Eye brace. Apples. Bread. Her head ... i like to imagine i held her heart with my own; so that hers wouldn't fall either ... i wouldn't support the pain.
I cannot remember the time when my heart beat as fast and furious as it did this morning. I felt truly Neil Armstrong on Moon’s first step. Piazola in his last tango. Pedro and Milady right out of Line 13.
Over and Out."
it was a mere ritual. Weekend after weekend i would get out bed at forbidden times and headed to the basketball court. The wind still blows me away .. the sun trying to throw is light into me ... the soundtrack was most of the time James or Queen. Sometimes .. when serious concentration was needed i would reach for my secret weapon. My old old Joe Cocker k7. One song recorded 7 times in each side so that the loop would have some impact. "You are so beautiful". Those were the words.. it reminded of someone i would eventually meet someday .. as i did. As i knew then. I was just a kid ... in a transe. Jumping from word to word as if those were the last words to be heard in my young life. My heart would start pumping more and more blood all over me and by the time i got to the playground i was the king of the world, the prince of my street just a kid in a white t-shirt. Number 10 stamped on my chest. "Can't you see you're everything i hoped for .. you're everything i need ... you are so beautiful". Thanks Joe. You're wellcome Pedro. Let's play ball...
Jake Simms
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