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era uma vez. era uma vez que sempre seria igual a todas as vezes. e por muito igual que sempre fossem todas essas vezes , sempre sempre era uma vez diferente. Mais fria . Mais quente. As pessoas, boas. Os momentos lentos. Cantaria qualquer um dos exitos mais sonantes to sempre afável Dino Meira mas a minha voz , já deixou de sêr quem era. Imigrante com vontade de voltar, Imigrante com sabor a pasteis de nata e noites semi-gloriosas do Benfica. Amanha dia 25 estou aí .. como na minha felicitaçao de natal, num país perto de si.
Belgium 2007: image 1 0f 4 thumb
Belgium 2007: image 2 0f 4 thumb
Belgium 2007: image 3 0f 4 thumb
Belgium 2007: image 4 0f 4 thumb

In the line of European countries that get nowehere, Portuguese always felt a lot like Belgians deep inside. Small country, Small people, Small feelings? In the past we got to the end of the known world .. and now they have the main house in the European Union. I´d say they're better than us. I've heard there are a few diferences between them, In Portugal we also face something like it. The problem is we're too lazy to do anything about it. Unless Spainiards invade us we're ok with our little tiny mini wars between north and south. I don't even think we qualify for having north and south wars .. i allways tought that was reserved for bigger countries like Italy, Korea, Rio Grande or the United States of America. I guess that if you take more than a walking day between 2 of your main cities , that's something that tags along. N/S. I was blessed a long time ago to discover one kind of me. I met a girl one day wich i enjoyed calling the Belgian Me. It wasn't that acurate but had a lot of truth in it .. in the end this person was way better then me .. wich it's something i'm proud of. Not many times you're faced to an alternative version of yourself and you realize it's good .. much better than you. Ingrid , my belgian me. Thank you.

They have a little boy that pisses without control on a tiny street ,old Brussels. We have a stone tower in the river Tejo .. that can house a little pissing boy anyday he feels like it. They have chocolate , we love eating it. My soccer team Benfica is called the "Red Devils", Belgium soccer team is called  "Red Devils". In fact both teams should be called "The so-so Spookies" due to their amazingly sad outcome these last decades or so. They have mussels we love clams. They listen to Vaya con Dios, we have Madredeus. Too much? Too little?

Belgium ... love it or leave it.
Portugal ... just leave it.

Diving: image 1 0f 3 thumb Diving: image 2 0f 3 thumb
Diving: image 3 0f 3 thumb

It's been a while since i last dived .. but the little bug has bitten again last weekend. On some usually lousy channel i usually never reach on my early morning Zapping exercizes i could find an amazing diving show. Stayed there, glued to the tv screen ..getting my eyes filled with deep blue, sharks, whales, turtles and an imense ammount of impossible colors one can find down there. Let me dive again, oh Lord.

Uma das vantagens de ter uma camera pequenina , é que sempre estou preparado para disparar em qualquer direcçao. Nesta foto feita em Bruxelas tive sorte. Gosto muito desta foto e tenho algumas saudades deste par de jarras. A minucia das fodos detalhadas do rapaz e a acutilancia da rapariga.

Gostas desta foto?

From some time i´ve been investigating places and feelings. A time comes when choices must be made with your whole life in hands.I´m 33 like Jesus and a few of my closest friends and i have at best 60 years ahead of me. 60 years of a journey i´m hopping will take me to where i want to be with 93 years old. Knowing that i've done all that i could do with my limited resources. I'm talking about the green valuable papers and the colorless ticking time. Where to go? These were my first 4 choices ...from left to right : South Florida Miami, Oman, Cabo Verde and Kenya. Water may be found if looked carefully in all of these pictures. In the end i may head south and go to South Africa. A World in a Country. So ... coming back to my blog with all the things i´m looking for in this trip to mighty SA will be posted on this blog of mine. You're more than invited to tag along ..both on Mapa Riscado or the actual trip next September. Maybe.  Any tips will be more than welcome...  altough i'm counting heavily on a friend that lives and enchants Johannesburg these days.

South Africa, September 2010
Jake Simms
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