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Era uma vez um dia um miudo que trabalhava numa fábrica de carros. Chegou uma menina de um sítio distante para fazer coisas de dinheiros. Estava sozinha. Dá a mim a tua mao.
Ela deu. Momentos depois estava num por de sol no cabo da roca comendo pasteis tradicionais e a ouvir uma música bem boa!

 Lou Reed - Perfect day
Mama Shelter - Hotel in Paris

"In the historic Saint Blaise quartier, located in the heart of authentic Paris, with its flower-lined café terraces, its gardens and its air of rebellion, MAMA SHELTER welcomes you.

Between the artists' studios, Père La Chaise, the Campagne à Paris and the winding cobblestone streets, you will feel the lingering spirit of Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and other great artists.

Created by the Trigano family (founders of Club Med) and French philosopher, Cyril Aouizerate, MAMA SHELTER was designed by Philippe Starck to offer an eclectic and electric ambiance thanks to its friendly, warm and casual common areas.

A restaurant with simple and delicious cuisine to enjoy amongst friends, a “Chic-Chic" bar and lounge, a French brasserie and a cozy, romantic terrace where you will surely cross paths with American poets, Japanese painters or Latin American authors.

Sensual and elegant rooms equipped with iMacs and 5 Star bedding offer you a serene retreat after a long day in the city and an evening across the street at the mythic Parisian temple of international live music, La Fleche d'Or. This is MAMA SHELTER."

Hello all this one of the few hotels i'll be posting about on this blog. The hotels will be good looking with some special features .. and above all .. with a good price! The first one is in Paris . Price is round the 80€ for a double room. As you may well know this is not so expensive for Paris in such a nice place. If you have hotels like this to share, good looking, good price or good location please tell me about it .. i'm interested!

I know this theme comes again and again to mind ... but today i've more or less downloaded a movie from a place somewhere about this football guy that is now on the news again .. let's see if for the good reasons.
Well, after reading some stuff on documentaries i remenbered this one from Kusturika on Maradona. It must be something diferent if you take a good look @ the people involved... so if you wanna take part on the cake, here's the link just for you!

Maradona by Kusturika

If you have other good documentaries on your mind please tell me about them.. i may be called the Godzilla of Doc's .. can't have enough of them. Let the reality be king for a day. This one.
Estes sao os planos parea os proximos dias, semanas, meses e anos :

Dezembro '08 : Singapura (casamento da Karen), Portugal (Natal)
Fevereiro '09 : Panama (casamento da Jackie)
Março '09: Carcassone, França
Agosto '09: Mexico (Road Trip com um nativo, Roberto)

Sei que alguns de voçes vao andar por aí. Digam alguma coisa a mim e talvez nos encontremos para uma arrufada em Ulam Bator. Talvez nao chegue ao pampilho de Sao Martinho, mas nao é assim tao mau. Peço desculpas pelos erros com que escrevo, mas a culpa é quase toda do teclado em Espanhol/catalao. Imigrante sofre.

Até já!
Simone - Dia Branco

pa música de verdade aqui deixo um mp3 de verdade pa pessoas de verdade. Nada como a verdade e a boa música juntos e contentes de mao dada numa sexta-feira cheia de sol. Pa disfrutar em voz alta e com os olhos fechados. Se tiverem uma praia perto ajuda !
Jake Simms
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