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Good Music. Boa Música. Bona Musica. Bonne Musique (?)


it's a two or three paragraph story. Could be one of those you barely check on a sunday afternoon while enjoying the new massage chair your mother-in-law gave you on a not so far away Christmas. I was boy recently in love with a one of a kind girl i met on fresh afternoon in São Martinho do Porto. Summertime some may sing. A few months after the glorious beginning on a contrasting rainy afternoon she told between blood ,swet and tears that she was going to leave me to marry her old boyfriend. what ? (i still echo this question on my mind) When something like this hits you , there's not much you can do ... marry ? Like in the movies and everything ? A moment came in witch i found enough strength to leave the place ... walking aimlessly through some dirty old Lisbon streets. The endemic reaction was to phone call my previous girlfriend. If the current one feels she may marry the old one ... i think i may also call mine for a moment. I did it. "Come fast!" i screamed silently on the phone. She came with kisses to share, chocolates on her hands and an idea on her mind. Fado. Now's the time to go and cry yourself a river over a nice set of Fados.
That's something i learned that glorious fenix night on Cafe Luso in Bairro Alto. When you're down, dive even deeper until you find the elastic bed that will fire you high up again. On that night listening to wonderful songs and eating sweet chocolate i got myself togheter again. The old girl stayed forever and ever ... the one that left to marry somebody, was gone that very day. No turning back ticket. I kept a photo of her. One photo is all that she left behind on my blog.

"O fado nasceu um dia, quando o vento mal bolia ..."
Amália Rodrigues / Alain Oulman / José Régio

Mais e mais fotografias. Este começa a sêr um ponto recorrente depois de alguma viagem que faço. Agora paisagens de Oslo. Enjoy.

Dedicated to the girl i woke up in Chicago.

This was such an amazing place. When i get old and slow, when years go by and i finally want perfection to be on my everyday life .. this is the place to come. People fishing, young Norwegian playing Petanca. 3 girls laying on the green grass doing a picnic. How jealous can a not-so-young Portuguese guy be? This was the background of the College Campus. This was heaven on earth. I must say by now, what most of the people reading this blog in the last few days, have already noticed ... i was completely amazed by Oslo. Don't know why ! (Norah Jones Soundtrack) Enjoy the view!

(ENG) I've been to Oslo this last weekend. What a pleasant surprise it was! I could never imagine that we could have such a great time. Although we were there not even 48 hours, there was plenty of time to do almost everything we wanted. Things to remember: The sun shinning at 4:00 in the morning. The junkies near the boat. The "Viking Girls" all clones of a tall, beautifull and blonde Valkyria. The whole place was amazing and there's a draft plan to go back next year on the National Day festivities. Whoever you are ... you are invited! Long live Oslo ...

(PT) Este fim de semana passado, fui a Oslo. Que surpresa ... nunca pensei que o pessoal tivesse um fds assim neste sítio. Apesar de não estarmos aí nem sequer 48 horas, deu para fazer quase tudo o que queriamos fazer. Coisas para mais tarde recordar : o Sol a brilhar ás 4 da manhã. Os toxicodependentes juntinho ao nosso barco. As Vikingas ..todas clones de uma Valkyria alta, linda e muito loirita. Foi uma viagem do bufo, que a malta quer repetir o ano que vem por altura do dia nacional do País. Sejas tu quem fores, tás convidado! Viva Oslo ... muito !

Este fim de semana, vou a Oslo. Eu vou, eu vou ... eu vou a Oslo, eu vou. (canção popular) Dormirei num barco pousada. Comerei salmão e coisas norueguesas. Visitarei coisas ninjas e beberei a tipíca bebida noruega de fim de semana. ( _______ ) a preencher pelo leitor. 11. Somos 11. Seja o que Deus quiser. E que Deus na sua infinita sabedoria, queira muito. Prometo fotos. Não todas. Umas, algumas .. as eleitas.

ps. para os interessados, informo que comprei os bilhetes na companhia Sterling.dk. 72 Aereos a viagem. Mais barato que comer gelados de limão e ir ver o Ómén Araña trêz aqui em Barcelona.
Encontros e Desencontros. Today on bus 9 when i was heading here (my work) i was diagonal reading what a guy had in a newspaper. Something about a recently published book about internet relationships. The how's , the why's. What was behind the flesh and bone meet up? I could write such a story i though. I didn't took long to put pen to paper, and 25 minutes later I'm logging into Blogger for an update. I met four persons through the Internet. 4. I decided to lay them here alphabetically.

Meeting A.

A. was a person i admired from sometime now.. we talked regularly on the internet about all the issues imaginable. I guess my no-sex approach had some appeal to this person. I do not remember the reason that made us take that first step of meeting outside the keys and screen. I was living in Torres Novas and one of my annual excursions was to the Book Fair in Lisboa. That was to be the place of choice. The plan was to take a backpack with a determined color (red), the flower idea was discarded... we didn't want to get too much attention on us. We chose a resting place on the train station of Sta. Apolónia in Lisboa. We met. Early in the morning. The eyes she had were full of life. I learned lots about her that day. The expressions written on the keyboard came to life on that day in Lisboa. We wandered. All day. Old city. The book fair. This was an amazing person. We decided to meet. Again. And Again. I even took her to my favorite place on my tiny country. Eventually something more fleshy happened. We were both scared. Soon after we went apart. We've never met again.

Final Status. Unknown. Kissed A. Don't know where A. is. Never heard from A. again. It was an amazing pleasure to meet this person, and to have shared a tiny part of my life with A.

Esta é a minha casa em Portugal, depois da passagem do programa Extreme Makeover. (PT)
This is my house in Portugal after Extreme Makeover show passed by. (ENG)
Aquesta es la meva casa a Portugal després de la passatge del programa Extreme Makeover. (CAT)
Beach boy. That's what i am. Although the place i used to go as a child / teenager and young adult didn't have the sun has one of it's strengths, it was still quite sunny during those 90 days. I set myself apart from others that shared the same sand under our feet, by not using, not wanting to use, refusing absolutly .. the Sunglasses. The Sun is our friend. My eyes don't suffer that much from the sun ... i did 350000 Kms with my Clio, with at least 30% of the time having the sun shinning right at me .. with me ? That's more than 100000Kms my friends! I never felt the need of having a pair of those things. (...)

It all was about to end last September. I was a young man, enjoying a fast weekend in Rome. Wonderful City. Among the top priorities were a Lemon Gelato, a stroll through places i hadn't been and enjoy a day full of Photos. Coming out of the Termini train station i find a Congolese guy (i can't be more specific about the actual country of this person), selling handycraft. Gucci Bags, Dolce & Gabana Gold Belts and several Sunglasses, all with certificate of authenticity (Authentic Fakes from Rome). Strangely enough i stop myself in front of the man. We stared for a minute or two and i pointed out one of the sunglasses. I had finally found my symbiotic eye friend. I tried them. Most people in the area looked at me in trance, most of them, excited woman and a young Togo kid wanting to sell me "Rome by Night" postcards. I declined. Somebody not feeling the same trance as the whole Termini Square pointed out that the Logo was not perfect on one of the side of the glasses. "Throw them away, the woman said. You'll find thousands like these everywhere you go. Every step you take, every move you make... (i understand much later she was singing a Police song). I let them be. The Utopic Sunglasses. Needless to say .. i've never found such beauties in my whole life afterwards. I still suffer. Not anymore in silence.
I shall go to Congo and find Étienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba, the man with glasses.
07.15 to 07.30 Pickup from Hotel by aircond. minibus.

08.00 Boat departs Samui. Light breakfast is served.

10.00 Arrive at Angthong Marine National Park and start the
morning Kayak along Koh Mae.

11.00 Visit the Green Lagoon viewpoint.

11.45 Lunch ( buffet of at least 3 Thai dishes) onboard boat
as it travels to the northern islands.

12.30 Second kayak tour exploring small caves, lakes and
beaches. Snorkeling also in this area.

15.00 Depart for Koh Samui.

17.00 Arrive Koh Samui and return transfer to Hotel.
ok. With the song from europe-famous group of the 80's "Final Countdown", I've started the hands-On planing of next summer backpacking trip. Some of you may know already that I've proposed myself to cross all of the South of Thailand, the whole of Malaysia and Singapore. Somewhere along the way, I'll meet with my Internet friend "Icetuna" for a 2/3 day diving trip. I'm looking forward to that ... specially 'cause I'm receiving the PADI certification title in 3 weeks, after 5 pool and 2open water dives.

This step by step planning involves you a lot more on the trip you're about to do. I end up learning much more having to scroll through thousands of web sites, read books and ask info directly on travel agencies. I have gathered already the 3 main first steps of the trip:

1. Arrive in Bangkok. Because of travel time, it's good to stay in upscale place.. not with the crowd. The choice end up being : Ibrik Resort by the River.

2. Go out of Bangkok 2 days later on the train of the night (22:30) to arrive in Surat Thani early in the morning. Go to Ko Samui island

3. One day in the island will be for Island Kayaking .. on Ang Thong Marine National Park. Staying on The Red House 2 days.
Kayaking / Red House

Enjoy, and if you have any ideas please write me !
Jake Simms
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