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23 April 2009

i will be blessed

These last few days ... i have been digging deep into Lisa Ekdahls music. Jazz , Pop and Bossa Nova. Her voice is gentle and warm. Me likes it a whole lot. Don't know how .. but i managed to get a handfull of her music MP3's down to my player ... and it's been on since. Looping. Loop after Loop if that's possible by the word's own definition. A hundred times .. a million times. Maybe only 65 times. But the lyrics along with her silky voice start to sink deep into my never-again-to-be-forgotten kinda'music space of brain. That's how i consider one of the songs she delivers, called :

I Will Be Blessed : Youtube (live) , Youtube

I truly think you should clik one of those links and listen to it. Afterwards go to Itunes, Fnac or Torrentz and clik/buy/download the cd. That's my advice. I must say that this song has some kind of unpretentious Bossa Nova rythm that i like a lot ... specially after knowing that the Joao Gilberto concert is about to become very real for me. So i'm getting in the mood for some nice moments all through these 39 days i have to endure until his/mine concert. Too many times in Portugal i arrived home to a nice fresh Lemon Ice Drink in a hot summer night, open all windows of the house and listen to Joao lied on my cold tile floor. Oh .. how sweet can life be sometimes. The simplicity of that moment brings such chocolate sweet flovour to my water thristy mouth right now. That's how music alone is supposed to be tasted no sound but the sound of that quiet quiet voise and crystal clear guitar chords coming my way.

Olha que coisa mais linda , mais cheia de graça ...
Jake Simms
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