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Desprès de molts anys he tornat a les illes del Mediterrani. Aquesta vegada ha sigut Menorca. Fa 5 anys vaig marxar de Lisboa amb bitllet de Tren cap a L'Europa i vaig arribar a les illes de Grècia e Turquia. Va estar molt i molt be. Desprès he anat cap a Tailàndia i altres llocs amb més o menys illes .. ara finalment he "tornat a casa". Entre cometes perquè la meva casa es molt més el Atlàntic que el Mediterrani , Peró ja fa un temps que estic en aquest costat de la península .. i tan dolent no es la cosa en aquest Mar. Un parell de fotos de la meva Estada al Maig en aquesta illeta petita. Ah ..i aquest estiu tornaré cap al Setembre ... desprès de una setmaneta a Portugal. Tugoland forever.

Happy to be here ! Panoramic of Macarella Cala Macarelleta
View from Sand Pimp My Ride ! Done for the day
Agua calentita Ciutadella Beach Stuff
Little did i knew that at some point in my life Singapore would be a more familiar place then Oporto ..for instance. It all started in a rainy afternoon on Torres Novas Municipal library. For the first time ever , i was about to experience this Internet Chat thing (IRC ... or Mirc). Logged on, chose some crappy name and got into a "Chat Room". That afernoon i talked with 3 people. All of them from the other side of the world ... Mishty (New Delhi), Zain (Karachi) and Icetuna (Singapore).
Probably you were one those millions that at one point in time went to the movies and watched the Lord of The Rings trilogy. To some people you even had the nerve of sometimes pretend that you read them all. Nobody did. Some guy tought that we were not getting the voice of the oppressed. The thousands (perhaps millions) that ended up giving their lifes for what they believed in. Martyrs of Mordor. Here's a book, a black swan that tell the untold and gives voice to the unheard.

Haridwar é uma cidade santa no norte da India a umas 4 horas de Nova Deli.
Em 2006, depois de 4 dias num Raft baixando o rio Alaknanda (e depois o Ganges até Rishikesh), dei por mim nesta cidade á beira rio plantada. A gente do acampamento de Rafting deixou-me aqui ao meio dia e fui á procura de sítio para dormir. "Escolhi" um sítio manhoso , mesmo em frente á enorme estaçao de comboios é que no dia seguinte tinha uma viagem de 14 horas até Orcha e nao queria arriscar a perder a minha ligaçao.

A long long time ago i wrote about the places i stayed in while going from Bangkok to Singapore. It was my second time in Asia after a 3 week trip to northern India. At that time i realized how important it was to feel at home away from home. It's true that when you go out on the road you're full of strenght but after some time that wears out and you're batling your own fights. Heat, rain , animals, transportation, crowds. It all may lead to exhaustion. A very very confortable feeling is knowing that in the end of the day you won't be battling bugs in your bed .. just wondering if the water in the swimming pool is too cold/hot for a afternoon swim. Or should i call recepetion for another kind of pillow?

Jake Simms
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