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08 April 2009

8th April - Nina Badric Day

Today's officially been declared the Nina Badrić day. Nina was/is a Platonic love of mine from my old days in Croatia last year. as well as a Music Icon on her native Croatia. We met several times on the road that 2008 Summer... often went to buy some groceries, fruit, towells (portuguese reference) and suddenly found Nina staring down at me from several of her Summer Tour posters. We had our ups and downs but eventually we got to a standstill that i'm saddened to say today... stands still. Her powerfull words and inspiring lyrics have made me realize how precious it is to oneself the challenge of learning basic day-to-day Croatian, so that eventually in the end, you may understand what Nina is wispering your way. I haven't arrived there .. yet. I'm on my way, but it may be a long way ... that's why i have collected a myriad of other Platonic loves that wisper me Brazilian, Crioulo or even Portuguese words.
I'm Now sharing Nina with the world (not in that way) and you may search and ilegally download a few songs to your overpriced Apple Mp3 players and enjoy. Today, looping on my headphones is this love song from Nina Badrić :

"Vjecita Ljubav

Isto nam je nebo
Sto nocas s nama place
Isto nam je suza iz oka kanula
Ja znam da nisi sretan
I mene tuga slama
Jer ljubav kao nasa je ljubav vjecita"
Jake Simms
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