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A few years ago i passed through this city that i remenbered today again and again. Stayed here for just 48 hours but it was more than enough for me to enjoy plenty in this old Portuguese colonial city. There's still a strong Portuguese sense and comunity and a Portuguese descendant is owner of the famous Air Asia low cost airline, the biggest in Asia. If you happen to pass near this city in the near future don't hesitate to stop and enjoy a good time. Sweets, some nice eateries and bars and a lady that cuts hair quiete nicely :) (photos after the break)

I came to life on 1976. For people before me i agree that they may look at Pele as being the best. Cruyf could pass. Eusebio scored. Puskas and Di Stefano did it all. There were others. After 1976 there was only one name . Maradona . I enjoyed Van Basten; how he controled the power and still looked so fluid in all his actions. In school between Maths and Geometry, during those 15 minutes in wich we played 4x4 under the Nuns eyes there was only one person to look up to. Maradona. We'll score like him , i'll go through you like him, we celebrate like him. Football was Maradona and Maradona was football. This feeling never changed. I believe this sensation to be like that of a Mother and Son. He may not be perfect, he may make mistakes, he may hurt you ... But , in the end of the day he's the best you could ever had in your life.
Jake Simms
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