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I arrived strangely fresh. After 12 hours of flight, 2 full lenght movies and a meal i quickly forgot i set foot on Southeast Asia main entrance hub. Bangkok. Next ... 2 hours in trafic to arrive to the tiny riverside hotel/resort of only 3 rooms. (Ibrik Resort by the River) Had time in the taxi to see a full 90 min DVD of the King and Queen of Thailand and their modest litle huts spreaded across the country. Arrive , check-in, unpack, photos, shower, snack, more photos, cross the river, find taxi and ... go to the Bed Super Club. After an hour or so of Bangkok trafic Jams, noise and smoke, arrive to this club is like a vision of a small oasis. Upscale Dinner. It was Salsa Night. Nothing like crossing half the world to go and dance some salsa on a club filled with the "Beautifull Bangkok People". It was a splurge of a night that one dancing the night away. In the end i think the whole "experience" ended up with me being around 100€ poorer. You only get to have a first night in Bangkok once .. and this was mine. Photo of Pedro lying on the Bed in the Bed SUPER club.

Jake Simms
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