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On my quest to continually improve my blog i came across an issue that disturbed me. It still disturbs me. On an innocuous webpage advertising the "20+ templates for your blog you'll love" i found a link to the 10 Must disturbing deaths. That made me wonder. I realize that i like horror movies and although it sounded cheap it worked well enough for me to click on it. There were strange deaths, accidents, etc. On the upper ranks came the famous Nazi doctors with Mengels on the top row. Nothing strange there, anyone a little bit familiar with the European WWII story has heard about these cruel, heartless people and their deeds.  Strange enough the first place on this dubious list was "awarded" to someone/something i had never heard of... Unit 731. What that hell are you talking about? How come i never heard about these guys? Maybe it was just me. Or maybe it wasn't .. maybe a lot of people never heard about this Unit 731.  (Gore Stuff after the break)

Jake Simms
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