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tantas voltas ao mundo, tantos sabores, tantas imagens pessoas lugares para absorver. No fim do dia, um homem volta á origen. Á caverna. Almofada equilibrada para um sonho repousante. A minha almofada, os meus lencois e o meu edrodon estao nesta praia que mal vejo de tao longe estar. Sao Martinho do Porto. Nestes ultimos dias aqui encontrei paz. Para partilhar com todos, comigo ou só com uma pessoa.

Ainda agorinha regressei de umas mini-férias em Singapura (ou um super fim de semana) e já estou a contar os tostoes para a próxima viagem. Para a semana que vem, o Natal em Portugal. Toda uma semana para estar com a familia e com os amigos. Um aniversário já esta na calha, por isso nao há maneira de as coisas irem mal! Festa na Foz e traz um amigo também!

Em Fevereiro um viagem mais ou menos relampago a Panamá. Sim , Panamá.
30% das minhas viagens sao disfrutadas nas semanas, meses e ás vezes anos antes de realizar a viagem em si. Que caminhos percorrer (Transsiberiano?), que quero muito muito vêr (Cataratas, Iguaçu), o que é imprescindivel (Taj Mahal, India), onde dormir (Sahara) que comer (pasteis de nata ... hehehe).

Existem 1000 coisas, 1000 pessoas para conhecer. Agora em Panamá um retiro natural .. uma simbiose mais ou menos intensa entre Homem Português e Ilha Panamenha.

Clic na imagem para ir ao site deste "resort" em Panama, Bocas del Toro.

Existeixen moltas musicas molt bonas .. i per mi una de les millors es una que es diu "Nha Vida" (meva vida) d'aquesta noia, Lura.
Una veu fort, suau i melancolica que per mi es com una massatge per l'alma. Totes les almas. Aixi que feu una mica de temps per escoltar aquesta noia petita peró al mateix temps molt poderosa.

Feu clic en la imatge al costat i sortirà una una pagina mágica on podeu baixar un cd d'aquesta noia ... "Di korpu ku alma".
The wedding started early. Realy early ... everybody was so excited that they could not sleep (this is my theory). I arrived arround 08:00 to Karen's house and i was blocked entrance !?. I joined the groom's entourage nearby and staged for a few photos. The procedure was as fallows:

The groom would arrive at the house of his lady and would have to please (by handing over huge ammounts of money) to the Bride's Maids, so that they would let him in, prooving that he indeed deserved the beautiful bride.
The groom had a few envelops with diferent ammounts of money, fake money (i do want one of those Tony Dollars) and after a long time in which the Entourage asked for food, chated and gave diferent advices to the groom we finally made it in, just to be met by another dificult proof of love.

Here's a photo of one of the (several) moments in which the Groom was denied entrance 'cause it just wasn't enough money to please the ladies in charge. They drove a hard bargain i must say .. asking for huge quantities of money, money from Australia, etc.

Frogs Legs. Yummmmie. Want More. Must eat frogs legs... (zombie style voice)
All over this last days i've been with a song on my mind wich i must share with the world. It was something i heard on a movie. It's a romantic song. Yupeeee

Can't smile without you by Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow - Can't Smile Without You

Found at skreemr.com

Just came back from Singapore. 4 intense fast paced days in which i enjoyed as a midget (a phrase that a friend from work uses a lot.. what does he mean?). This time instead of the usual (once) food in your belly every 2 hours ..and i may allow you to breath in the meantime kind of thing .. i was attending an amazing Wedding from long last friend Karen Cheong and the love of her life, Tony Fairlie. The guests (young ones) all have a part on a Singaporean Wedding. Part of the weekend ritual involved a night on Karen's house going all over the big day schedule timeline. People knew what was happening and routinary things were not left to chance. Only the good parts were not schedulled or practiced ... like the tears in some speaches, and the overall emotion and good feeling running free througout the day.

I still had time to taste a few already highlights of my life's culinary experience : Frogs Legs in an amazing sour sauce (Thanks June!), and Oyster Eggs with a chili sauce. It was the second time i was in this place in SG Chinatown and i still think that this place has a lot more to offer. In case i come back that's a place i'll be definitly checking again and again.

Apart from food, high temperatures/humidity and a full day reserved for the wedding i still managed to find time to go on being a tourist and also to share a litle bit of Singaporeans national sport : Shopping. Every tent, hut, shop, mall or complex was with 20/30 and 60% discounts. They said it was to promote selling before Christmas. They were expecting bigger numbers after Christmas. They should adopt that here in Spain/Portugal .. not that i have lots of money to spend ..hehehe. ( i may give you my bosses's email address so that you can change his mind on wages) .

I came back richer, humanly wise. A have made a few contacts that may one day become friends or visits in my own town (towns/countries) Barcelona, Lisboa, Spain and Portugal.

I'll put up some photos of the wedding in here later on.
Be in peace and best wishes to the happy couple Tony & Karen! Luv YA

After a few weekends trying to find the best options (money, all about the money) i came up with the following nests to sleep in :

The first one is the hostel Hangout @ Mt. Emily … all groovy and stuff where you wake up to chinese congas, and breakfast is half Mojito and 2 alien donuts. I’ll have 2 nights on this one please!

The next hotel is the place where the happy couple will get married. Better sleep in the place just in case (i thought). The swimming pool is open 24/7 and they run a SPA with a few weird massages that bear the name Pedro all over them! Name of the hotel is Meritus Marina Mandarin Hotel.

Last time i went there (Singapore, August 2007) i stayed in a hotel which is half the way between these two in here. Small, cosy, design ... a place where you feel confortable from day 1. Although a few guides refered to the Hotel Breakfast as the “Very Best in Town” i never tasted it. I have Karen and Tony to blame for this .. as they dragged me the night away into amazing places to eat. I tasted all there is to taste (food wise) in Singapore. No secrets to me. None. The Hotel, nontheless was a great experience and in the first night they left me a basket of fruit in the room with a small card that read : “Wellcome back Mr. Pedro!”

I don’t really know if they were insinuating i couldn’t find my way back to the place or that they just confused me for another Pedro born in Portugal, Castelo Branco at 07:15 in the morning on the old hospital near the castle a few decades ago. Who knows? (this question is not retorical, and if you do know, please email me back with some sort of self explanatory text. Thank you) The Hotel 1929 :


Agora que estou na versao "Mordor" de EDS .. a sede da empresa em St Cugat, Barcelona, tenho á minha disposiçao um pujante Pentium 4 preparado para Milenium com 389 Mb de RAM. (pausa para suspiro). Nas torres de Caixa tinha em meu poder:

1 IBM Lenovo T60 (Processador do Bufo 2 Gb RAM)
1 IBM Lenovo T42 (Processador Médio 1 Gb Ram) para provas com Windows 7
1 Monitor TFT 20"
1 HTC P3300 com GPS
1 Blackberry Pearl

O que uma pessoa nao faz para ter o descanso de nao estar de cara ao cliente. Ser técnico de campo corrói a alma e o corpo de uma pessoa. A única coisa boa é que conheces muitas pessoas, algumas sao simpaticas, 2 ou 3 bons companheiros e no final um/uma amigo/a.

A&O Global Field Services Technician , adeus.

Una chocolatina a qui sap on es aixó !

Jake Simms
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