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... ainda falta muito ? estou aqui numa loja semi-fechada de moveis conectado a uma linha ADSL de qualidade duvidosa a ver o benfica. Instalei 3 programitas de tv P2P e finalmente depois de 20 mins de tentativas eis que uma televisao asiatica com sotaque ingles me da o que que quero ver. Nao sei bem se quero ver isto ...

um abraco para os benfiquistas espalhados por esse mundo fora que sofrem para poder ver uma derrota :)

After a night on a freezing train, coming from Bangkok i finally arrive to the Koh Samui boat transfer. It was a pleasant night on the train, reading, tasting the local food and also enganging on a chat with a local. Actually for a local he was quite international ... this man and his wife worked for Thailand Foreign Afairs office and it seemed clear that they wanted to practise their english with me. They had 2 lovely kids who didn't stop the whole night ... altough it did'nt really mattered in my sleeping affair.
Sleeping the night away in a tiny bed on a rocky train, i was quite pleased to see that our boat had a nice deck place for me to lay down, just before those 2 hours in wich i became a red tomato i took this photo of the fishing farms halfway down the river delta.

Everyday crossing the pier i came across groups of people buying litle bags and buckets of food for fish and birds. Huge fish , average birds. On my second day in Bangkok there was this girl.

After a huge breakfast, a couple of photos near the pier where i crossed the river and a small walk i arrived to the Royal Palace. Unlike in Spain (and in a lesser extent, Portugal), people in Thailand seem to love their royalty a lot. A whole lot. 50% of the people on the street were wearing a yellow Polo with a Queen Seal because it was her birthday in a week time. I do not wear a T-shirt saying "I love my Portuguese King" on 10th of June (Portuguese National Day), and i've never tought about it. Maybe it has something to do with Portugal being a Republic for some time now. Even so .. this king/Queen thing impressed me. It's a country of contrasts, budism and consumism and all other ISMS you may think of. This photo falls in the -ism cathegory. I like it. A little girl being older and re-checking her makeup with a gold painted palace in the background.

After the salsa clubbing night i woke up to this view exactly. I allways try really hard to try and capture the real image i have when i open my eyes in the places. It's not easy but i try. A great meal it was .. and the first fresh eye glance on the river Chao Praya.

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