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01 September 2008

.:: BasketBall Land

Just returned from my Adriatic eXperience. Before starting to flood Blogger servers with a stupid amount of photos of this road trip let me propose the following reading for this "back to School" time. To better understand the Balkan issue i headed on to the first decent bookshop i found in Croatia (The Death of Yugoslavia, BBC) , it was in Split, I got the next book in Dubrovnik (The Fall of Yugoslavia, Mish Glenny). These were those books.

I haven't found these ones for free on the internet, but i did find the one I'm leaving the link here. You can download it in PDF format from Rapidshare. This is semi-legal :)

Happy reading and see you in a couple of hours/days for some photos and general stuff about the place I've been to this Summer.
The Balkan eXperience Tour deLuxe on Wheels.
Jake Simms
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