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22 September 2008

.:: Middle East

The following is a part of the journey in the making. In it, i disclose the place of the photo on my last post. It's in Yemen and the island is called Socotra. There was someone saying they did know where it was, but has they didn't came forward with any hard facts I'm in a bit of a doubt.
First Egypt, a must-see in any Round the World Trip, afterwards to less fashionable destinations like Yemen and Oman, splashing it out on Dubai and arriving for one of the highlights of my Journey: Visit my very first friend on the Internet in Karachi. The year was 94 perhaps? writing the day and night away on some chit-chat program named ICQ (it still exists). It quickly evolved from a few meaningful lines on a computer screen to a solid all around caring and love relationship. We both went to college at the same time and i remember how i phoned her every other day to wake her up on those chilly Chicago winter's. It has been a story of up's and down's mainly because I've been a chicken and a handful of times i didn't kept my promises. I changed my life because of what i learned from this girl. She still is very important to me. I plan to visit her and if for some reason she's not able to receive me, I'll just leave a present on her doorstep. World here i come.

Jake Simms
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