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30 July 2008

.:: Entre Tido

The day started of in a good mood. Xutos were on my borrowed Ipod Touch screaming their guts out on my way to the Job. Arrived, started to check my daily useless bookmarks archived under "Stuff" and to my surprise, came across one site that does the this thing i show you in the 2 previous posts. One is Cântico Negro, one of the all time greatest for having on boys and girls pockets. I've said it once to one girl. In the end of course, everybody comes out crying. Crying is good. Better than bitter or violent. The other one is a Basketball article i wrote some time ago reminding the good times of child play... Basket. The game we went on from loosing by 20 at halftime to win by 30 and pass the 100 points mark. Yupee. What this applet does is to analyze the text and arrange a Cloud of the words more meaningful (repetition, exclamation marks etc).

The Link : WORDLE
Jake Simms
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