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23 September 2008

.:: Beach Boys

I'm one of these blessed souls that feel good just being. I'm able to sit down and just wonder on my mind, helped by a book or a computer with internet. I may start my wonderings on a website with eels recipes and end watching a Documentary on central america terrorism. Passing through Windows Mobile 2003, Sting-Ray watching, illegal russian based software, all sorts of sports and so on ... i could go on!
I'll leave a few of the websites i check daily for a daily dose of world shared with you.

International Herald Tribune - for news
Record - for Benfica
PPCWarez - for PDA software
9down - for PC software
Shareminer - Searching for Files
Momondo - for Travel Info
Rapidfind - For downloading files

These are mine, along with the classics like hotmail ( a few dozen times a day) or my own blog to check old posts ... Please leave here the ones you check more often. The internet is big.
Jake Simms
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