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02 December 2008

.:: trip planning 101 : Singapore Hotels

After a few weekends trying to find the best options (money, all about the money) i came up with the following nests to sleep in :

The first one is the hostel Hangout @ Mt. Emily … all groovy and stuff where you wake up to chinese congas, and breakfast is half Mojito and 2 alien donuts. I’ll have 2 nights on this one please!

The next hotel is the place where the happy couple will get married. Better sleep in the place just in case (i thought). The swimming pool is open 24/7 and they run a SPA with a few weird massages that bear the name Pedro all over them! Name of the hotel is Meritus Marina Mandarin Hotel.

Last time i went there (Singapore, August 2007) i stayed in a hotel which is half the way between these two in here. Small, cosy, design ... a place where you feel confortable from day 1. Although a few guides refered to the Hotel Breakfast as the “Very Best in Town” i never tasted it. I have Karen and Tony to blame for this .. as they dragged me the night away into amazing places to eat. I tasted all there is to taste (food wise) in Singapore. No secrets to me. None. The Hotel, nontheless was a great experience and in the first night they left me a basket of fruit in the room with a small card that read : “Wellcome back Mr. Pedro!”

I don’t really know if they were insinuating i couldn’t find my way back to the place or that they just confused me for another Pedro born in Portugal, Castelo Branco at 07:15 in the morning on the old hospital near the castle a few decades ago. Who knows? (this question is not retorical, and if you do know, please email me back with some sort of self explanatory text. Thank you) The Hotel 1929 :

Jake Simms
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