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03 May 2005

.:: sunday morning walk

it was a mere ritual. Weekend after weekend i would get out bed at forbidden times and headed to the basketball court. The wind still blows me away .. the sun trying to throw is light into me ... the soundtrack was most of the time James or Queen. Sometimes .. when serious concentration was needed i would reach for my secret weapon. My old old Joe Cocker k7. One song recorded 7 times in each side so that the loop would have some impact. "You are so beautiful". Those were the words.. it reminded of someone i would eventually meet someday .. as i did. As i knew then. I was just a kid ... in a transe. Jumping from word to word as if those were the last words to be heard in my young life. My heart would start pumping more and more blood all over me and by the time i got to the playground i was the king of the world, the prince of my street just a kid in a white t-shirt. Number 10 stamped on my chest. "Can't you see you're everything i hoped for .. you're everything i need ... you are so beautiful". Thanks Joe. You're wellcome Pedro. Let's play ball...
Jake Simms
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