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04 May 2005

.:: Art Bit ~ Heart Beat

Pedro Antology
"And then I realized. There’s only one. Could i say the one and only? Maybe not… lightning struck me down as I had breakfast after the stormiest summer night.
Adrenaline ran mad freely in me as I felt the moment come. I wouldn’t leave the table without a glimpse of her sun warm smile.
The moment I laid eye on her i almost tumbled at her feet in weakness. The knees trembled as if no ground was laid under them and everything else stopped in time and space. Matrix is child’s play when you feel and live such a moment. I’m hovering myself above this far and unknown world. Fading lights brought expressions to life in this still moment. I believe I forgot to breath. Clock starts it’s countdown.
Funny thing is … one hears this ancient wisdom saying “…whenever you drop something into the floor over and over again, it's because someone’s desperately trying to get in touch with you…” , talk to you.
I was the boy trying to give birth to a few meaningless words ... she was the girl dropping half the universe on our dreamed shared floor. I had my soul in her adorable clumsy movements. Eye brace. Apples. Bread. Her head ... i like to imagine i held her heart with my own; so that hers wouldn't fall either ... i wouldn't support the pain.
I cannot remember the time when my heart beat as fast and furious as it did this morning. I felt truly Neil Armstrong on Moon’s first step. Piazola in his last tango. Pedro and Milady right out of Line 13.
Over and Out."
Jake Simms
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