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03 September 2009

.:: Way to Sleep

Bangkok (Thailand) : Ibrik Resort by The River
Dificult to find but what a wonderful choice for an amazing stay in Bangkok. Would return in a blik of an eye. Waking up to the river sounds. Staring at night to the other shore where the golden temples are. The small market by the Hoetl selling a million strange things. The people working in the hotel had an english vocabulary of 4 words. No more. And it was more than enough for a great breakfasts and massage.

Koh Samui (Thailand) : Red House Boutique Hotel
Keeping on with the desire of staying as close to the water as possible, this was a clear choice in Koh Samui. I'ts in the middle of the fisherman's village near Bophut Beach. Nothing like waking up in the morning, walk down to the beach and dive. Yupeeeee

Penang Island (Malaysia) : Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion
Protected by Unesco , won a prize a few years ago as the most excellent recuperation of an historic monument. It's a Museum and a Hotel. Several films have taken place on this amazing location. The breakfast i had in here was the best i had in many years. If you can't stay here , at least visit the house. Not To Miss!

Pulau Perhentian (Malaysia) : Perhentian Tunabay Island Resort
This was the view from my beach hut. Nothing like staying close to the water. Dive and hot water. Clown Fish just in front of my hut. Had a wreck dive that made me feel like Jean Jacques Costeau. A little bit. This was a slice of heaven for me. Heaven.

Jake Simms
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