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10 May 2005

.:: Xutos & Pontapés

A few days ago i went to one of the best Xutos concerts i have ever been to.. and i can assure everybody i've been to a whole bunch of them. Okay it didn't surpassed the one in Lisboa or maybe even the one in Covilhã in 95 but it sure was special. Aveiro was the city this time, lots and lots of students some drinks and a huge desire to party and enjoy mixed up to turn this into a memorable night. They (Xutos) felt it right from the start ... and in the end it was a epic night. If all concerts were like this i wouldn't last longer then 30/35 years .. that's for sure ! I saw them again last weekend in Guarda but the crowd was lil less enthusiast than the Aveiro one. The deiferene was that the guys on stage were a lil bit crazier! The sound was more powerfull this time but overall not half has good the other one. If you can do come to one of their concerts and enjoy !
Jake Simms
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