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04 May 2009

.:: There's One Place on Earth

i first arrive here when i was 80 days old.I hated water. I loved playing football. One day someone draged me into the water. My Norwegian friend, Endrik was horrified as he grabed the football that i left unwillingly in the cold humid shell filled sand. After that i never left water. Unless i was playing football in the afternoon before returning to camping. My very first friends in here were a Norwegian boy and Girl, a finish boy with a father that looked like Santa Claus, a french girl i asked to be my girlfriend while hanging on a lamp (a la Dancing in the Rain), 4 spanish brothers (3 girls, 1 boy) that went everywhere on their bikes and teached me Verano Azul. Before 9 years old i didn't had a friend i could talk portuguese to. Most of the times we comunicated by pictograms on sand. Little Boy pissing to explain i had to go to the Bathrom. Ball and water (play football on the beach?). My work during those years was to be on my bike, wash dishes, play football and see how much of last years kids came back again. Only Endrik repeated himself a few years in a row. I went to the Circus just by the camping. Chen. Cardinali. I saw how circus people got all their elephants togheter, went to the beach and washed them halfway to the dunes from the camping. One time i even went with the Nederlands family that controled all the aquqatic activities in Sao Martinho to take a Dolphin outside the bay. The dolphin was lost. The first time i kissed a girl was in the camping. The first time a girl kissed me was in the camping. The first time i drank Baileys. The first time i went to a discoteque. The first time i asked a girl out. The first time i asked a girl in. The first time i cooked pasta. The first time on the ocean. The first time i bought a condom. The first time i drove a bycicle, a motorbike and a car. The first time i slept out. The very first time i fell in love was in the camping while washing dishes. I washed these dishes like never before on the history of washing dishes. The first time i woke up dressed in girls clothes on top of a dune with loads of chocolate mousse all around and a woman in my harms. There were a lot of last times in here. The last time someone stole me a kiss. The last time i fell love. The last time i was really surprised . So many things start and end in this place. I wouldn't want it any other way. Full and Alive.
Jake Simms
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