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11 May 2009

.:: Story Telling in Spanish

I don't know how i came across this writer dude that told stories .. but i'm so glad i did it. I'm pretty sure that in the begining there was one book. New York Trilogy. I got stuck inside since the very first day. I have this strange relaionship with Auster's books. They mean something to me only if i can reand them from start to finish in one go. If you stop it's something of a Coitus Interrruptus. Not nice. Not desirable. So if i stop .. i never return. Not in the next hours, days or months. Once again i have to get prepared to be dazzled by this guy and save up some time for an intense reading. In spite of this .. i've managed to finish a few of his books. In fact i haven't finished only 2. The first one is Oracle Night. One of my very favourite books ..altough i never finished it. I read it while a friend of mine was shopping around Lisbon. Girls can and will spend a lot of time shopping ...and i was more than happy to say "My God ... You look absolutely gorgeous!" from time to time. At the end of the day ... i had 30 pages left and a friend with an added10Kgs to her personal closet. Oracle Night. You should read all the books this man wrote. You should ... not to say you must.

In fact , You Must.
Jake Simms
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