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02 February 2009

.:: a deus

My view on religion.
In case i have a God i want it to be as powerfull as possible. A Hammer is a nice option on this subject. I want it to create a Benfica team as powerfull as him (altough i understand that even a God has his limits on such issues). I want my god to increase my 25 days of vacations and also prepare these 25 days with sun, warm water, burritos and a few swedish waiters wherever i may go for a lemon ice cream. I want my god to be mine. I want my god to flirt with other girl's Godesse's so that we can have a couple's night out on friday's and go for bowlling and açorda in Bons Amigos. I want my God to leave Sao Martinho do Porto alone. I want my God to provide my existence with beautifull situations, fine friends and well cooked meat. (i hate raw).

I don't think my God wants me. Who cares?
Jake Simms
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