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24 May 2007

.:: Blind Dates

Encontros e Desencontros. Today on bus 9 when i was heading here (my work) i was diagonal reading what a guy had in a newspaper. Something about a recently published book about internet relationships. The how's , the why's. What was behind the flesh and bone meet up? I could write such a story i though. I didn't took long to put pen to paper, and 25 minutes later I'm logging into Blogger for an update. I met four persons through the Internet. 4. I decided to lay them here alphabetically.

Meeting A.

A. was a person i admired from sometime now.. we talked regularly on the internet about all the issues imaginable. I guess my no-sex approach had some appeal to this person. I do not remember the reason that made us take that first step of meeting outside the keys and screen. I was living in Torres Novas and one of my annual excursions was to the Book Fair in Lisboa. That was to be the place of choice. The plan was to take a backpack with a determined color (red), the flower idea was discarded... we didn't want to get too much attention on us. We chose a resting place on the train station of Sta. Apolónia in Lisboa. We met. Early in the morning. The eyes she had were full of life. I learned lots about her that day. The expressions written on the keyboard came to life on that day in Lisboa. We wandered. All day. Old city. The book fair. This was an amazing person. We decided to meet. Again. And Again. I even took her to my favorite place on my tiny country. Eventually something more fleshy happened. We were both scared. Soon after we went apart. We've never met again.

Final Status. Unknown. Kissed A. Don't know where A. is. Never heard from A. again. It was an amazing pleasure to meet this person, and to have shared a tiny part of my life with A.
Jake Simms
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