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21 May 2007

.:: Master Plan

ok. With the song from europe-famous group of the 80's "Final Countdown", I've started the hands-On planing of next summer backpacking trip. Some of you may know already that I've proposed myself to cross all of the South of Thailand, the whole of Malaysia and Singapore. Somewhere along the way, I'll meet with my Internet friend "Icetuna" for a 2/3 day diving trip. I'm looking forward to that ... specially 'cause I'm receiving the PADI certification title in 3 weeks, after 5 pool and 2open water dives.

This step by step planning involves you a lot more on the trip you're about to do. I end up learning much more having to scroll through thousands of web sites, read books and ask info directly on travel agencies. I have gathered already the 3 main first steps of the trip:

1. Arrive in Bangkok. Because of travel time, it's good to stay in upscale place.. not with the crowd. The choice end up being : Ibrik Resort by the River.

2. Go out of Bangkok 2 days later on the train of the night (22:30) to arrive in Surat Thani early in the morning. Go to Ko Samui island

3. One day in the island will be for Island Kayaking .. on Ang Thong Marine National Park. Staying on The Red House 2 days.
Kayaking / Red House

Enjoy, and if you have any ideas please write me !
Jake Simms
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