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22 May 2007

.:: Glass

Beach boy. That's what i am. Although the place i used to go as a child / teenager and young adult didn't have the sun has one of it's strengths, it was still quite sunny during those 90 days. I set myself apart from others that shared the same sand under our feet, by not using, not wanting to use, refusing absolutly .. the Sunglasses. The Sun is our friend. My eyes don't suffer that much from the sun ... i did 350000 Kms with my Clio, with at least 30% of the time having the sun shinning right at me .. with me ? That's more than 100000Kms my friends! I never felt the need of having a pair of those things. (...)

It all was about to end last September. I was a young man, enjoying a fast weekend in Rome. Wonderful City. Among the top priorities were a Lemon Gelato, a stroll through places i hadn't been and enjoy a day full of Photos. Coming out of the Termini train station i find a Congolese guy (i can't be more specific about the actual country of this person), selling handycraft. Gucci Bags, Dolce & Gabana Gold Belts and several Sunglasses, all with certificate of authenticity (Authentic Fakes from Rome). Strangely enough i stop myself in front of the man. We stared for a minute or two and i pointed out one of the sunglasses. I had finally found my symbiotic eye friend. I tried them. Most people in the area looked at me in trance, most of them, excited woman and a young Togo kid wanting to sell me "Rome by Night" postcards. I declined. Somebody not feeling the same trance as the whole Termini Square pointed out that the Logo was not perfect on one of the side of the glasses. "Throw them away, the woman said. You'll find thousands like these everywhere you go. Every step you take, every move you make... (i understand much later she was singing a Police song). I let them be. The Utopic Sunglasses. Needless to say .. i've never found such beauties in my whole life afterwards. I still suffer. Not anymore in silence.
I shall go to Congo and find Étienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba, the man with glasses.
Jake Simms
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