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10 March 2009

.:: home @ Carcassonne

This is the place i stayed in Carcassonne. The hostess was so so nice (Patricia) . She used to live in Paris and one day decided to go rural. For breakfast she came up with a few sweet Jams, ike Green Tomatoe, that was an absolute delight. I wanted to buy her one jar, but she refused and instead just offered it to me. Nothing but great things to say. The rooms were like covers of Design Magazines and i was just 5 min by car from Carcassonne. Altough the weather wasn't up for swimming or sunbathing, i'm returning in late Spring or Summer to enjoy it fully (waterwise). She proposed the 14th of July, french national day, 'cause they have this huge fireworks on the walls of "la cité".

Aux Anges Gardiens : LINK
Jake Simms
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