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18 September 2007

.:: Popeye

After a night on a freezing train, coming from Bangkok i finally arrive to the Koh Samui boat transfer. It was a pleasant night on the train, reading, tasting the local food and also enganging on a chat with a local. Actually for a local he was quite international ... this man and his wife worked for Thailand Foreign Afairs office and it seemed clear that they wanted to practise their english with me. They had 2 lovely kids who didn't stop the whole night ... altough it did'nt really mattered in my sleeping affair.
Sleeping the night away in a tiny bed on a rocky train, i was quite pleased to see that our boat had a nice deck place for me to lay down, just before those 2 hours in wich i became a red tomato i took this photo of the fishing farms halfway down the river delta.
Jake Simms
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