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07 December 2012

.:: Beach Volley

This year, around April or May i decided to finally look for a place to play and learn a bit about Beach Volleybal. I had seen posters,websites and tournaments being announced everywhere , but had never decided to take the last step.

This time around i did. I just repeated what i had done a few years earlier when i wanted to play basket somewhere around Lisboa. So i wrote a few clubs told them i was a young promise in world basketball and one of them answered. We went on to remain unbeaten thoughout the year. (please change the word unbeaten for winless in the previous sentence) . In fact we won 1 game against portuguese TV powerhouse RTP. (you lame tv show hosts!!!) It was a great time and altough we didn´t have much of a team we had a great time togheter and i could do what i liked most at the time .. play Basket.

Now that i´m older than your average teenage kid , time had finally come for me to stray away from Basketball and turn to one of those Summer sports i couldn´t stop playing in those everlasting afernoons in Sao Martinho do Porto, ever since late afternoon soccer became a no-no due to the ammount of people on the beach. Beach Volleyball.

Here in Barcelona i found an amazing group of people that regularly get togheter to play beach volleyball. What more could one ask for ? I learned a whole lot with them and specially from the blond girl in the picture who´s now going to live/work/study in Kiwi land. This was our last trainning session with Susana in charge of the whole gang. (in the picture we had already taken a cup or two of a nice Moscatel brought by Charlie - last in the back of the picture)

I think i´m finally ready to beat those brothers we almost allways lost to, in the Salgado tournament we managed to organize year after year in the Summer. At long last i know what they mean with those finger gestures players do ... took to long to learn !!!   If you´re in Barcelona , if you´re coming to Barcelona and you like/love to play BeachVolleybal ..just bet in touch with me/us.

Jake Simms
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