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31 January 2011

Riding Asia

A long long time ago i wrote about the places i stayed in while going from Bangkok to Singapore. It was my second time in Asia after a 3 week trip to northern India. At that time i realized how important it was to feel at home away from home. It's true that when you go out on the road you're full of strenght but after some time that wears out and you're batling your own fights. Heat, rain , animals, transportation, crowds. It all may lead to exhaustion. A very very confortable feeling is knowing that in the end of the day you won't be battling bugs in your bed .. just wondering if the water in the swimming pool is too cold/hot for a afternoon swim. Or should i call recepetion for another kind of pillow?

Whenever i can, i look for extremely calm relaxing places to sleep in. If needed i'll even stay there .. just laying down on the sun with some refreshing drink. No need to run all the time. Grab a nice book and read. And swim . And read again. These breaks will give you all the power you need to hit the roads again. If you can't visit everything .. don't worry, that's just one more reason to come back again!

So, i've returned to Singapore 3 times. This time over i also grabbed a low cost flight to Bali and stayed 3/4 days on this very nice and relaxing place. Didn't like the monkey's at all ...but can't argue that the setting was stunningly beautiful. After 17 days coming from Bangkok to Bali through Plain, Bus, Boat and train ..it was only fitting to end it all on a relax note.

If oyu ever pass by Bali this is the place i stayed in :

Jake Simms
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