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30 January 2009

.:: so damn sorry

i truly believe that a journey into music may well end when you come across this brazilian guy called Joao Gilberto. I don't know what the world expects from music, from life... i do know that this man has something. In other times he may have been a world leader a changer of times. Now ... now he just came up with something we call Bossa Nova. This sweet tender rythm that holds you like a chocolate mousse wave.

I'm know listening to Joao on his album "Brazil" singing "Alguem disse". It may be perfection. Well if i'm thinking about it .. it's cause it is perfection.

Discover João Gilberto!

The legend tells us that he developed this way of throwing words at people on his sister's bathroom. People came outside the house to hear him sing. How cool is that?
Jake Simms
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