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10 December 2008

.:: show me the money !

The wedding started early. Realy early ... everybody was so excited that they could not sleep (this is my theory). I arrived arround 08:00 to Karen's house and i was blocked entrance !?. I joined the groom's entourage nearby and staged for a few photos. The procedure was as fallows:

The groom would arrive at the house of his lady and would have to please (by handing over huge ammounts of money) to the Bride's Maids, so that they would let him in, prooving that he indeed deserved the beautiful bride.
The groom had a few envelops with diferent ammounts of money, fake money (i do want one of those Tony Dollars) and after a long time in which the Entourage asked for food, chated and gave diferent advices to the groom we finally made it in, just to be met by another dificult proof of love.

Here's a photo of one of the (several) moments in which the Groom was denied entrance 'cause it just wasn't enough money to please the ladies in charge. They drove a hard bargain i must say .. asking for huge quantities of money, money from Australia, etc.

Jake Simms
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