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06 March 2012

Pedro in Zombie Land

Yesterday , after a long long long time of doing 0 to stay in shape , i got home , dressed up (down) and went for a run. Not any run . a Zombie post-apocaliptyc run . 

This is what all these hyper-mega-smartphones should be doing with our lives ..changing them ! One really smart inmersive game for the iphone (in the meantime, it will arrive in Android someday) combines real world jogging with Zombie Drama to dwelve you into a storyline that makes you run for real ! So , yesterday i installed Zombies Run! on my Iphone and hit the streets. Streched for around 29 seconds , hit the start mission button and started running . I was briefed on what was happening and when they told me to run, i was already in Eroski (half a km away from home). Gotta be less impatient next time...

I'm told that i'm Runner 5. Yesterday i wasn't able to finish my very first mission in part due to bad planning and not knowing how much time a mission lasts .. i usually never ran more than 15-20 minutes but yesterday i went all over up to 26 minutes... so i guess that's good enough. I've read that mission 1 lasts around 40 minutes... after that you keep collecting stuff but with your mission already finished. Today i'll have another try .. let's see how it goes. I do want to be accepted in the survivors colony.

This thing does work in at least 2 things :
1. Disable Couch-Potato Mode and make you run out there on the real world.
2. After getting you to run ,they throw Zombies at you ..and make you really run faster so that you escape them .. doesn't matter how real they are , you DO NO WANT TO BE EATEN ALIVE! ...so you run . away. from them. all.

After running for 20 minutes i had to run like hell to escape a former runner who was bitten and now chased me ... and she ran fast. The bips and the Zombie noises are  really good in making you run . It's a game .. but a really entertaining one.

Recomend everyone this game : Zombies Run!
Jake Simms
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