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09 October 2009

.:: Once Again

Every now and then i come up with a great idea that lacks funds. Eventually also lacks time. Right now, though, everything looks bright and it seems a great doable idea. Get a bag and 2 t-shirts and go round the world for some time. 2 Months would be great. The money spent on these 2 months wouldn't be so great but i hope to find a soluction for that anythime soon. Or nexrt year. I could repeat and try to see new stuff on the Bangkok-Singapore route .. maybe Phuket, maybe hop to Camboja, Cameroon Highlands, Singapore zoo and repeat the food in Singapore. Afterwards i would head on to Australia for some desert, beach and all'round good time in Aussie land and in the end from LA to San Francisco with a few natural pakrs tossed in along with a few Las Vegas chips. Back home. The real dificult part in this journey is the decision to do it.

Jake Simms
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