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26 February 2010

.:: K7's à noitinha

I know i shouldn't ... but from time 2 time i heard this boy steps into a deep hypnotic state that throws him onto mp3 downloading frenzy. When i periodically mess up all my music property and (re)start the arduous task to (re)populate my music players .. a question comes to mind : what now? 

Now Lauryn Hill. Miseducation and MTV live. Remember that night "oh so fresh and  crisp"? I was a young apprentice at a computer firm, in charge of putting a million tapes in order. (what was the order... i still ask today...) Every 30 days? Bo-Ring. Now and then this time was used to find new sounds. New Paths. One beautiful night .. a Monday i believe, there was this CD to download on a forgotten internet web page that i still remember. A cute petite girl from a Hip-Hop mainstream group named Fuggees had release an album recorded live on a MTV Studio somewhere. 7 minutes download later i hit play. A deep meaningful voice comes storming in. Speaking. Whispering. Laughing. Singing. Sharing. That night night the word was S-H-A-R-E. The tapes fell lovingly in place. Found slowly my place. My pace.

What now? It seems Lauryn Hill is in Australia these days. Showing up late on some concerts randomly.

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Jake Simms
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