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08 June 2009

Jesus age and counting.

Time has come when .
I remenber yesterday's feelings. 15 years ago perhaps? Let me just hate one thing , and may this hedious thing be desencounters. Please world, let me hate it heartfully. No drop of compassion . How hard have i worked to earn this? Years. Months. Little moments that managed to grow in me the ever green seed of hate towards a situation i learned afterwards could be oh so easilly controled. I declare war on desencounters. Fear may flow in your small smelly veins oh desencounter lord dude!

I was young . One's golds shift from time to time, and this last week i came to acept and even in a moment of weekness embrace my long life sworn enemy. I hate no more. It all arrives one day. One night out? No doves, lights or inner voices. Just a cold shiver that makes you say think a sentence or just lift your eyebrow. hmmmm . Happyness being my ultimate gold and path shall find his way with or without desencounters. We share the same taxi one day and fall inlove? good. We never meet cause i got the metro? Good again. Whether it's a "God", destiny or the guy driving that yellow cab, life just keeps on throwing all this choices your way. Eyes Wide Open. Hands in a continuos shell shape. Get it all. Get nothing. Just don't say no to life. No time and utterly useless. You'll be caught ... for sure.

I shall not be attending Joao Gilberto concert in Barcelona.
Why? Why not? I shall get my Gilbero filled ipod and run away the Ramblas all afternoon long. I may even throw in a Durum or two. A milk chocolate once the sun shines no more on my brown and green lazy eyes. Life just didn't throw this one my way. I'm listening to Joao just now .. and this is something i wouldn't change for a thing. Some people have Paris, others unfortunatly have Venice .. i managed to get my moment out of a cheap lousy pirated mp3 music player. How cool is that? Totally not cool, but practic. With time you start valuing Practic a lot more than you did 15 years ago when you were x.

Joao, i shall not.
Hate, i shall not.
Fate, i shall not.

Live life.
Jake Simms
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